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LFLM Essential guide to benchmarking your winemaking

I’m not here to explain winemaking, rather to provide an idea of how top wineries around the world handle aspects of winemaking so that you can evaluate your process in the context of what else is being done. At each step of the process, ask yourself why you have chosen a certain approach.


  1. Reception and de-stemming

    1. Temperature control

    2. Gentle handling

    3. De-stemming: if, why, how

  2. Alcoholic fermentation

    1. Containers

    2. Length of time

    3. Pump-overs and alternatives

  3. Malolactic fermentation

    1. Where

    2. When

  4. Aging

    1. Containers

    2. Length of time

    3. Bâtonage, racking, etc.

  5. Bottling

    1. Fining

    2. Filterning

  6. Releasing the wines on the market

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