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Crafting a Message that gets you noticed

As the saying goes, "Ready, aim, fire!" Before you design labels, attend fairs, build a web site and start posting on social media, learn the three keys to successful winery communications. Position your winery to provide what customers care about most and what your competitors aren't providing. 

So many wineries spend money on design, advertising, events and influencers before identifying their target customer or developing a message that will catch his or her attention. Avoid those costly mistakes by spending a few hours to "aim" before you "fire."

I. Uncover Your Brand

Powerful brands emerge at the intersection of:

Reveal your brand - just shapes_v2.jpg

II. Empower Sales with Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

A unique message that matters to customers will:

  • Transform your Social media activity;

  • Empower sales team and your wholesale clients;

  • Turn events into real revenue drivers;

while helping you avoid wasting resources on marketing activities that don't get results.


III. Manage for Growth


A clear vision of the winery's future and the way to get there, along with pro-active oversight of marketing and sales programs are the keys to growth.

  1. First, clarify goals, both macro-goals for overall revenues and micro-goals for marketing activities.

  2. Second, use internal data and data from the market to understand the current situation

  3. Third, c a roadmap and establish milestones

  4. Fourth, continually monitor progress and constantly improve

Put your winery on the path to growth today by booking a Story Workshop. Four 4-hour on-line or in-person sessions to refresh your brand, hone a powerful, unique message and harness the power of social media to spread that message to your target audience. 

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